Every Veterans Day we're reminded of the many programs that exist to "help" our vets:  free meals at restaurants, tax credits for companies that hire vets, job fairs, and expressions of gratitude in radio and TV ads.  I remember one such expression (a USO TV ad) which featured a service member in an airport terminal being thanked by strangers for his service.  I don't spend much time in airports... 

For a few months after Veterans Day 2011,  I reached out to several veterans groups / organizations and offered my résumé writing / job search skills and expertise.  I even approached my Congressman.  While one group offered one-on-one mentoring (still waiting for a mentee), the rest either thanked me or were unresponsive.  In the weeks leading up to Veterans Day 2012, I renewed my focus and learned what I had always suspected -- veterans don't need help finding a free meal, they need help translating their military skills and experience into plain English.  THIS IS WHAT I DO!  

If you're an unemployed or under-employed veteran who's interested in participating in a résumé writing / job search workshop in the Central Jersey area (no cost or obligation), please contact me:  I'm ready to go, just need participants (and a venue but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it).  It'd be my pleasure to serve those who have served.