Last names are excluded to protect people's privacy. 

Ryan -- Rahway, New Jersey:  I was speaking to a teacher from the interview committee who had a say in hiring me and she said that out of all the candidates, mine was the BEST résumé. 

Christine -- Lenoir, North Carolina:  Jim worked with me for about a week on the phone and via e-mail to revise my outdated and very long résumé. Jim was a dream to work with as he gently urged me to let go of the parts of my résumé that weren't necessary. He was persistent and led me with baby steps to shed more and more words. He is an expert in getting down to what's really important, so the recruiter or interviewer will have an easier time reading it. Before I found Jim, I used a top-notch consulting firm and they didn't help at all. They only urged me to make the font bigger and expand my resume to as many pages as needed. Needless to say, no one was reading my whole resume -- until now.

Heather -- Parsippany, New Jersey:  I highly recommend Jim to everyone who needs a résumé -- unemployed or employed. His expertise and creativity compliment his personable and very professional work. The level of service is superior to that of previous résumés I've had done. He really makes you feel as though you are top priority from start to finish.

Anna -- Hackensack, New Jersey:  My new résumé was definitely better than my original. The most improved section was my job descriptions. It gave more of a vivid portrayal as to what I do. And the organization of the resume was more complete and thorough.

Liz -- Boston, Massachusetts:  Countless career advisers and peers had reviewed my résumé prior to being introduced to Jim. I believe the most compelling recommendations have come from Jim. His feedback allowed me to tailor my résumé and cover letter to more effectively target recruiters in the screening process and address their inquiries from the onset. He also demonstrated a genuine interest in my career advancement. I am beginning a career with a leading Investment Bank and am quite grateful for his recommendations and continued support.

Suzanne -- Brooklyn, New York (and Atlanta, Georgia):  Jim took my old résumé and turned it into a masterpiece! Through his expert consulting and design lay-out, Jim produced a final product which has generated more interest than any of my previous resumes. I am pleased to say that his work highlighted my strengths and experience in a clear and concise manner, providing prospective employers with a blueprint of my capabilities. I am now happily employed at the position of my dreams.